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Shenzhen Lianyi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. specializes in selling power ICs, DC / DC boost chips, LDO voltage regulator ICs, low voltage detection reset ICs, backlight driver chips, LED driver ICs, MOS tubes and other products.
Main applications: portable products, MP3, MP4, PMP, digital cameras, optical mice, LED lights, remote control toys, electronic dictionaries, repeaters, wireless headphones, wireless mouse keyboards, sphygmomanometers, medical devices, car alarms, LEDs Flashlights, DC holy lights, solar lawn lights, chargers, keyboard electric toys, LCM, interface converters, meters, flashing lights, product control circuits with clock display, etc.
Adhering to the business philosophy of "focusing on operations, market-oriented, development-based, quality as life, and management as guarantee", the company continuously improves the competitiveness of the company, down-to-earth, determined to innovate, and adapt to the market with speed. Meet competition with quality and maintain customers with reputation.
The company takes the mission of revitalizing China's information industry, especially the integrated circuit industry, with the goal of establishing modern, international high-tech enterprises. Through self-development and foreign cooperation, it makes full use of the technology and talent resources of society and the company, and continuously carries out technological innovation. Establish products with independent intellectual property rights, make analog and digital-analog mixed circuits mainly based on power management chips, and gradually move from the low-end consumer product market to computer peripherals, communications products, industrial control, medical electronics, automotive The electronics and other high-end markets are advancing, with a unique product series, to establish the company's solid position in the industry chain and its leading position in the industry. We firmly believe that: the vitality of the company is reflected in agility and efficiency, the competitiveness of the company is reflected in quality and service, and the development of the company is reflected in popularity and reputation. We pursue speed, only speed allows us to surpass; we emphasize quality, only quality makes us outstanding; we cherish credibility, and only credibility allows us to last.
We are shouldering the heavy responsibility of developing China's microelectronics industry. Although there is no glorious history for the time being, we will devote ourselves to the development, research and application of microelectronics technology, and work together with other colleagues to create a better future for China's microelectronics industry.
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